That Time We Made a Wrong Turn…

Today a couple of my friends and I were driving home from Propel Women in Jackson, Mississippi.. We knew the route home.. We knew our final destination… but somewhere along the way we found ourselves way of track. We had been driving for a hot minute in the wrong direction. Somewhere along our trip, we must have taken a wrong turn.

Baffled and completely off course we found ourselves asking:  How did we end up here?

Along that wrong turn, there was a gas station. It wasn’t the most elaborate gas station… it was quite the opposite actually.. But in this place that was a little weird and a lot uncomfortable, God began to speak to all four of us in big ways.

He began to work in the middle of our wrong turn.

It made us realize that what we thought was a wrong turn, God knew was a necessary turn.

He had the wrong turn worked out to teach us fullsizerender
and grow us towards him.

We absolutely were supposed to stop in that sketchy little place somewhere on a side road in Mississippi.

And the Holy Spirit began to speak…

“Jordan, sometimes a wrong turn can lead to the right place.”

In life I like to have a plan, I think if we are honest we all do to some degree. When we find ourselves in a situation or season that is a little weird and uncomfortable, we begin to wonder how we made a wrong turn.. Where did we go wrong?? Which road led us here??

But the truth is, God determines every step. Nothing is an accident with God. He is a God of intentionality.

Proverbs 16:9 says “The heart of man plans his way, but the LORD establishes his steps.”

Embrace the steps in the journey..The weird steps.. The sad steps.. The hard steps.. The good steps.. Because in each of these steps,  God is bringing us closer to Jesus.



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