Three Things Every Wife Should Know

Marriage is such a sweet gift from the Lord, but can we be real for a minute?? Marriage isn’t always easy. Marriage is the merging of two imperfect people and so it will not always seem perfect. With so many moving factors in a marriage, how can a wife continue to be the wife God has called her to be?

God is your first love

I love a fairy tale ending. I’ve always believed in love. When I met my husband, he swooped me off of my feet… like movie style love. We had a whirlwind romance. We met, dated, got engaged, and then married all within six months. I was smitten y’all.

As much as I love my husband, and as much as he loves me, he is not my first love. We were created to love the Lord our God with all our heart, soul, strength and mind and then our neighbor as ourself. When we elevate our husband above our first love, things will feel out of order.

You husband won’t complete you

You’ve heard the cliche…. “You complete me.” Or how about “He’s my better half?” When we view our husbands as someone who completes us, we will always be asking them to fill a void that they were not created to fill. Our husbands should be our partners, but not our other halves.

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We are only made whole through Jesus. When we are looking to him for everything we need, then everything our husband does becomes a fun little bonus.


Wives were created to encourage

Being a wife is hard. Sometimes our husbands make dumb decisions. Sometimes they are less than romantic, and marriage is less than glamorous. It is so easy as a wife to begin to try to fix or change our husbands. “If he would just do it this way…” “If you would have listened to me to begin with…” “I told you so…”

God created the woman to be a helper for her man. We were created to help him as he walks in his purpose. So many times we think we are helping, when in reality we are controlling (ouch.) As a wife, we must remember that our job is to love and encourage through grace and humility, knowing that God will sort out their imperfections.

So go forth pretty lady and love your man. Encourage him in his calling. Support him in his purpose.

Marriage is a blessing. Enjoy the journey.

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4 thoughts on “Three Things Every Wife Should Know

  1. Jessi says:

    Nailed it. All the things I’ve learned in our short 5.5 years. Makes me cringe when I hear confused messages in our culture. Thanks for this this truth!!

    • jwhitlock718 says:

      Thanks Jessi! I think we get a picture in our head of how it “should” be based on what we have been taught.

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