Purposeful Pain

Painful seasons are not fun. They are filled with emotions… tears… long conversations.. what ifs.. and why nots..
They are exhausting at best.
Wouldn’t it be nice if we had a no pain button? Like anytime we started to feel emotional or physical pain we would just press the button and it would immediately vanish?? Someone should invent that.. they would make a fortune!
Sadly, no one has, and the pain comes. It comes without warning and there we stand stuck in the middle of so many emotions and hurting like crazy.
Everything inside of us starts screaming, but on the outside we stand freakishly still.
This feeling of pain has been all too close in this season of my life. One thing that it is teaching me is that though all of our pains look differently on the outside, on the inside the hurt is very much the same. The raw, ugly, painful feelings are enough to take us under.
We’re not okay.. and if we’re honest this season is harder than we’d like to admit.
But somewhere in the midst of the hard, painful realities, there is Jesus. Somewhere in the middle of our ugly cry, he reaches in and offers to hold us. Somewhere between the shouting at the circumstances and the screaming at the pain, his face calms the storm.
This season of pain isn’t easy, but I’m finding that the seasons of pain somehow bring peace. The hurt somehow opens my soul to healing. So even though pain is awful, I won’t fight it. I’m going to embrace the feelings now, so that Jesus can bring me freedom from them later. And maybe, just maybe, the pain will bring purpose.

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