Habakkuk: A Study Series Day 9

I’m so excited about today… And I’m excited about our verse today.

Habakkuk 2:1 NLT “I will climb up to my watchtower and stand at my guard post.
There I will wait to see what the Lord says and how he will answer my complaint.”

This is the turning point.. this is where our story shifts! This is where life change happens.. this is where it gets exciting! Hope is on the horizon! Joy is coming! Truth is coming! Let’s get ready!

Up until this point it has all been pretty painful.. pretty confusing.. pretty unnerving…

Habakkuk complained.. The Lord responded with a not so warm and fuzzy answer.. Habakkuk complained again.. and now we are here… at this place.. this beautiful place. the watchful place.

“I will climb up to my watchtower..”

The watchtower was elevated… It was built high enough so that whoever was up on it could see far away. The people on the ground could only see right in front of them..buildings, people, and landscape would cause blockages in their line of sight. The person on the tower could see more than just what was in front of him, he could see what was all around him. He could see the bigger picture so to speak.

Habakkuk chose to shift his sight. He chose to climb up out of the place he was in to an elevated place.. A place where he saw more than what was in front of him. From the watchtower he saw the bigger picture. We can do the same thing. Today I encourage you to climb up on your watchtower… shift your focus and see the bigger picture.. the kingdom picture..

“and stand at my guard post..”

Not only did Habakkuk position himself to see the bigger picture, he positioned himself to be ready for attacks. The watchtower and guard post is imperative to seeing when the enemy is coming. Without standing watch, cities would be completely overthrown and taken down. Habakkuk chose to see the bigger picture and to be on guard..

There I will wait to see what the Lord says…”

Habakkuk positioned himself so that he could hear the Lord… He said he WILL WAIT… While he was waiting, he would be standing at the watchtower.. eyes open.. heart ready.. full of holy anticipation for what God would say.

He said I WILL WAIT… that is hard for me.. I’m not a particularly patient person.. I might climb up onto the watchtower… I might stand at my guard post.. and I might be really excited about it for a hot minute… but then when the waiting process begins to lengthen, I might climb back down again..

Habakkuk chose to stay positioned even if he would have to wait to see…

He said he would wait to see what the Lord says…he didn’t attach conditions.. his heart was open to whatever the Lord’s reply would be..

“and how he will answer my complaint.”

Habakkuk opened his heart to whatever the Lord would say before he sought answers to his complaint. Could it be that when we decide that we will trust in the Lord no matter what he says, we will begin to see some of the answers we have been dying to have??

Habakkuk wanted to hear whatever the Lord wanted to say, not just an easy answer to his problem. His ears were open and his heart receptive…

Today I am praying that we will have the holy courage to climb up out of the battle and onto the watchtower.. that we will position ourselves to see the bigger picture and stand ready for the battle… I am also praying that we will wait on the Lord.. that discouragement and fear won’t cause us to step down off of our tower during the waiting and that we will have open hearts to hear whatever the Lord wants to speak.. and then, only then, we will be able to hear his answer… whatever the answer may be.

Be blessed today, God’s got you!



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