Reconciled Week Two Day Two

Good Morning!

In God’s great love for us, he made us alive in Christ…. and grace was His idea. He extended grace to us through the cross. We did nothing to deserve reconciliation to God but in his grace he chose to reconcile us.

2 Corinthians 5:19  NIV says that God was reconciling the world to himself in Christ, not counting people’s sins against them.”


Ephesians 2:8-9 NIV says “For it is by grace you have been saved, through faith—and this is not from yourselves, it is the gift of God— not by works, so that no one can boast.

God is not counting your sins against you. He so desperately longed to be reconciled to you that he chose to give you the free gift of salvation. There is nothing you could do to earn it, and once you have received the free gift, there is nothing you could do to lose it. It doesn’t rely on what you can or cannot do and that is such a freeing thought.

Romans 3:10 NIV says “As it is written: “There is no one righteous, not even one;”

Isaiah 64:6 NIV says “All of us have become like one who is unclean, and all our righteous acts are like filthy rags; we all shrivel up like a leaf, and like the wind our sins sweep us away.”

What do these verses declare about us?

A lot of times, I forget that no one is righteous. When I really began to grasp this concept it radically changed everything. If no one is righteous then that means two very beautiful things.

When I mess up, it’s okay.. no one is righteous.

When I do good, it’s okay.. no one is righteous.

God’s love for us doesn’t change based on how good or bad we have been. The truth is, none of us are righteous. Even our righteous deeds are like filthy rags. But God in his grace said he wanted to love us anyways. Despite our filth, he chose to step in and love us regardless. If we can grasp this concept then we can walk boldly and freely into his arms.

1 John 1:9 NIV says “If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just and will forgive us our sins and purify us from all unrighteousness.”

What do we do in order to be forgiven?

All God wants from us is for us to come close to him. I’m not going to confess my deepest darkest junk with a stranger, but I will confess it with someone I trust and love. When we get to the place that we trust Jesus with everything then we will begin to confess our deepest darkest sins to him.


Today take some time to confess your deepest sins to Jesus. Your spirit was reconciled through salvation, but we are constantly asking God to bring us deeper. He sees you just as if you’ve never sinned, but we don’t always see ourselves that way. Surrender your sins to him. Repent of trying to earn salvation and accept his forgiveness. He is purifying you, and it’s beautiful. 


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