Reconciled Week Six Day Two

I need people in my life. I’m the poster child for extravert. I love people… young people, old people, all people. I’ve always been one to go out with friends as much as humanly possible. I love doing life with others. God creates us to love him first, and then to love our neighbor as ourself. I think it’s really easy to love the neighbors that are just like us.. It’s easy to love the neighbors that we see on a once a week, once a month, or once a year occasion. But it’s a lot harder to love the neighbors we see day in and day out. We want to make disciples of all nations and so we go and serve our little hearts out in the world. We sign up for every small group, every serve day, every community outreach, but we neglect the people in our home. We are so busy loving the outside world that we forget about the world inside our four walls. We forget about the husband, the kids, and ourselves. This hits me hard.. it hits me fast.. it hits me to my core. If we are going to live each day reconciled, we have to live each day on purpose.

The ministry of reconciliation is more about the people close to us, than the masses of people surrounding us. All throughout the New Testament you see instances where Jesus is surrounded by people but ministering directly to one. He’s personal and intimate.. and we can be too. In the middle of the crowd, Jesus took time to address the needs of the one. If we are going to truly walk out the ministry of reconciliation, we must take time to address the needs of those around us.



Are you spending your time focusing on the masses or the one?


Why do you spend time focused more on the outside world than your inner people?

I think sometimes it is easier to focus on the outside world because we have time to prepare ourselves for the outside world. Our inner circle sees every part of us. They are around during our best and worst moments. If we are going to truly love our people like Christ loves us, we must surrender everyday to Christ. Because when we are in the thick of dirty diapers and dirty dishes, laundry and to-do lists, we must be surrendered to God so that we can walk with grace and humility. Loving our people is one of the most beautiful ways God can use us. He chose you to be the wife, the mom, the sister, the friend to your people. And if he chose you then He will use you to make his name famous among them.


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